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Life’s too short for lousy BBQ. That’s why we craft New Orleans BBQ dishes that feed your soul. Like a Pulled Pork Sandwich worthy of your mom, and meat platters that have been known to elicit epiphanies. That’s what happens when you dry rub meat with Caribbean, Cajun, and Creole spices, then slow smoke it with oak and pecan. Call it mojo, call it New Orleans flair, call it a ritual. WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, YOU’D BETTER CALL IT QUICK BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE ORDERS IT OUT FROM UNDER YOU!

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VooDoo BBQ was born on Mardi Gras day in 2002 right on St. Charles Avenue in the heart of New Orleans. It was standing-room only, filled with overwhelming crowds of hungry parade-goers. People loved our New Orleans BBQ so much, we had to hustle through the streets carrying coolers packed with our glorious slow-smoked creations to feed the masses and keep the party goin’! It was a crazy way to start a restaurant, and it’s been a party ever since.

Our founders met in college and discovered they shared a passion for good times and even greater BBQ. Together, they created a new category: New Orleans BBQ. It’s a fusion of all the best that BBQ and New Orleans has to offer. VooDoo BBQ brings together your favorite BBQ styles and kicks them up a notch with the spirit and spice of New Orleans.

Like parts of the city itself, our flavors are something new built on a very old foundation. BBQ, or meat slow cooked over flames or hot coals, has been around as long as people have. Virtually every culture has some version of it, whether they call it “barbecue” or not. And here in the states, you’ll find it in different, delicious forms across the country—from pulled, chopped, and sliced pork in the Carolinas to Memphis-style ribs to barbecue brisket in Texas.

The melding of Spanish, West African, French, and Caribbean traditions, among others, has created a unique and vibrant culture in Louisiana that still feels like nowhere else in the U.S. New Orleans BBQ builds on all of these traditions with flavors, accents, and complementary side dishes that inject the life and flair of the Crescent City into every meal.

Our meats are dry rubbed with amazing Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean spices. Then we slow smoke ’em to perfection with oak and pecan, producing that legendary smoke ring — what’s the smoke ring, you may ask? This is an indication of true slow-smoked BBQ. It’s what gives our meats their distinct flavors. (And of course even with a pink ring, our meats are fully cooked, always.) Want an extra kick? We’ve created four unique BBQ sauces made with Louisiana ingredients. Then we put on the down-home, soulful Louisiana sides … oh these will make you doubt your momma’s cookin’ … and pour you a sweet tea or Louisiana’s famous Abita beer, each one with a decidedly Southern drawl.


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VooDoo BBQ has a flair and flavor that turns each visit into an experience. That’s why we’ve designed our stores to incorporate Crescent City touches, like lanterns, murals, and ornate trim that resembles the wrought iron railings found in the French Quarter. We want each trip to a VooDoo BBQ to be like a mini-New Orleans vacation, a time when you can loosen your tie (if you’re wearing one) and experience great food, drinks, music, and the soul of New Orleans—a city where we live to eat.

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VooDoo BBQ is proud to be a good neighbor and support our community. We especially love getting involved with charities and activities that encourage kids of all income levels and abilities to become more physically active.

• On the Scene – Masquerade Ball – a March of Dimes benefit presented by VooDoo BBQ & Grill
• Greer Foundation Annual VooDoo Masquerade Ball – to assist single fathers
• American Lung Association – Fight for Air Walk
• Jimmy Graham Football Camp
• Reggie Bush Football Camp
• Chris Paul Basketball Camp
• Ed Reed Golf Tournament
• BRSC Women’s Winter Freeze Soccer 4th and 5th Annual Tournaments
• LSU Executive Education Aiding Former NFL Players – Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute
• Many donations/sponsorships for youth and high school sports
• Dutchtown High School Football program
• Title sponsor for Baton Rouge Soccer’s Annual Youth and Adult Summer Soccer Tournament (VooDoo BBQ 7-A-Side Tournament)
• Gonzales Soccer Club sponsor
• Galvez Tigers Youth Football sponsor
• Various youth baseball rec and tournament teams
• Jason Taylor Celebrity Golf Classic, 2014/2015
• Cooper City Optimist Baseball 6U Tee Ball, 2013/2014
• Kiss Country Chili Cook-Off 2014/2015
• Smoke on the Water Fort Lauderdale 2014/2015
• Unity in the Community Pompano Beach 2015
• Wounded Warrior Project